Rough glass for building industry
The solution to thermal inefficiency
Insulating double glazing, thermal and acoustic insulation, solar control, safety.
Contribution to strength

Tempered glass, higher resistance to mechanical and thermal stress.
Safety in the glass industry

Laminated tempered glass, hardened, shatterproof and bulletproof glass.

Bizzotto Vetraria Srl

About us

Bizzotto Vetraria is one of the most important Italian producers of rough glass for the building industry.

Our company makes use of the most modern tools, machinery and high level technology in order to produce:

  • insulating double glazing
  • tempered glass
  • laminated glass.

Bizzotto Vetraria has the skills to offer premium quality products in line with the market’s demands and the recent law restrictions regarding energy saving and safety.

The use of low-emission glass, magnetron coated glass and selective glass lowers the amount of heat you waste in the wintertime by 67%; on the contrary, in the summertime such a solution allows you to protect the rooms from solar radiation.

The installation of new insulating glass provides windows with a high energetic performance which allow immediate and significant savings both in heating and conditioning, together with a consistent reduction of smoke emissions. The result brings environmental benefits for everyone while also yielding an economic gain for the user.

It can be said that our success is due to the steady attention we give to the evolution of the market needs as well as our versatility in facing new requirements.


Our story

Bizzotto Vetraria was established in 1987, producing standard double glazing 4/12/4.
The evolution in technology and glassware helps the company keep up-to-date, thanks to constant and considerable investments, and also have at its disposal the best and most innovative products on the market.
BIZZOTTO VETRARIA’s main aims are developing new technologies to be applied to glass processing and improving the quality and safety levels in its implants, all the more achieveable thanks to the proficiency and professionalism gained in over twenty years of activity in the field.
In 2008 a new production line for stratified glass was opened in the new plant in the city of Rosà