Double glazing, tempered and laminated glass
The solution to thermal inefficiency
Insulating double glazing, thermal and acoustic insulation, solar control, safety.
Contribution to strength

Tempered glass, higher resistance to mechanical and thermal stress.
Safety in the glass industry

Laminated tempered glass, hardened, shatterproof and bulletproof glass.

Double glazing, tempered and laminated glass Works

Here are some of our best double glazing, tempered and laminated glass works, created for our clients’ projects.


Vetro antisfondamento stratificato facciata continua

Vetro a specchio facciata continua
Vetrina antiproiettile

Laminated shatterproof glass curtain wall

Mirror glass curtain wall

Bulletproof glass

Vetrate antisfondamento
Vetro selettivo
Facciata dark blue

Shatterproof glazing

Selective glass

Dark blue façade

Facciata continua riflettente grigia
Vetro stratificato di copertura
Vetro strutturale dark blue

Reflective grey curtain wall

Covering laminated glass

Dark blue structural glass

Vetro basso emissivo stratificato
Vetro strutturale verde
Vetro riflettente grigio facciata continua

Low-emission laminated glass

Green structural glass

Grey reflective glass, curtain wall

Vetro antiacustico basso emissivo
Vetro di sicurezza antisfondamento
Vetro stampato di copertura retinato

Low-emission sound-proof glass

Shatterproof safety glass

Covering patterned wired glass